We've been gathering footage, researching archives, and interviewing those that worked at GM Assembly Norwood as well as those who helped make these cars famous in Hollywood and on Main Street, USA for the past three years to bring you the story of the birthplace of the legendary Chevrolet Camaro and the iconic Pontiac Trans AM. 

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Remembering a True Legend

We had the privilege of meeting and interviewing Mr. Reynolds on 2017 Bandit Run, which happened to be the 40th anniversary of Smokey and the Bandit. Thanks to the efforts of Gene Kennedy from the Burt Reynolds Institute and and Dave Hall from Restore a Muscle Car, we were able to schedule in 10-15 minutes for the interview, which turned into 30 plus minutes that Mr. Reynolds sat with us and shared memories and insights from the Smokey and the Bandit days for our documentary. Just one comment I can remember in particular in talking with Mr Reynolds about his driving scenes in the movie, Mr. Reynolds said he feels like American muscle cars are the best sports cars on the road, and that the Trans Am is about the best there ever was. From a biased f-body fan, I couldn't agree more. :)

Burt Reynolds, to me as a kid, was the definition of cool. Even though Smokey and the Bandit was made a few years before I was born, it's long-lasting cultural impact continued to influence me throughout the 80s, 90s, and well into the 2000s. Boogie Nights continues to be another of my all time favorite movies, and Mr. Reynolds' Academy Award nominated performance is one of the reasons why.

From Lewis Medlock to Gator McKlusky, Sonny Hooper, Jack Horner, and of course the Bandit and many many more, the characters that Mr. Reynolds played will endure, along wth the memory of the great and gracious man that played them. We will miss you, Burt.

Drew Money - Director of "Norwood, Where Legends Were Born"

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Don Johnson Interview_01C.jpg

Last Man on the Line

My Dad and I spent time Saturday interviewing Don Johnson (no, not that one, but we think he's equally as cool). Our Don Johnson is the guy who put the final part on the last Camaro on the Norwood assembly line when the plant closed in 1987....


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Many thanks to those who have given their time and shared their stories for this documentary.  Without their participation, much of this history would be lost.  Also many thanks to the men and women of GM Norwood for giving the world such an amazing piece of automotive history.  What the craftsman at Norwood produced still continues to drive excitement all around the world today!