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"Norwood: Where Legends Were Born" is being Produced and Directed by Drew Money of Legendary Films.

From Drew:

"My interest in the GM Norwood story started 10-or-so years ago as a fun topic of conversation with my Dad, who owned two 1969 Camaros.  I grew up in Tennessee, a long away from the town where these cars were built, but in a twist of fate, college brought me to the University of Cincinnati, right down the road from the original General Motors site in Norwood, Ohio.

After years of college study, graduation, and starting of a career and family, memories of riding with my Dad in his 69' Camaro occasionally sparked when I would drive past the site where his Camaros were built.  A chance discovery of a magazine article announcing a 25 year reunion for former GM Norwood plant employees restored my interest in the subject and led my Dad and me to attend and meet many of those former Norwood employees as well as the author of a newly-published book on the history of the factory.  I knew right away that I wanted to tell the story of those who worked at Norwood and the incredible cars they produced.

Over the past 4 years since discovering that magazine article, I've been fortunate enough to gather over 25 interviews with former plant employees, meet and interview Corey Lawson, the owner of the very first Camaro ever produced, and Phil Borris, owner of the very last Camaro produced at Norwood, and also author of the book "Echoes of Norwood" which chronicles the full history of the plant.

What started as a fun topic of conversation with my Dad has turned into hundreds of hours of research and information gathering that has provided the framework for this exciting look at the beginnings of one of most iconic car platforms of all time, the General Motors F Body.  Through interviews with those that were there at the plant in its heyday, as well as never-before-seen photo and video, we examine the topics of workers rights vs. corporate profits that made Norwood such a unique plant.  We highlight innovations that GM Norwood pioneered, as well as examine factory low-points that led to the destruction of cars and jobs, casualties of the many strike movements at Norwood to advance workers rights.

Fighting for worker's rights over corporate profits made Norwood infamous, but it's cars made it legendary.

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